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Only The Stars Know Her Name



Yellow Jacket 

ages 10-14

July 23, 2019

False accusations and false confessions of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, took her mother, Tituba, away from her. Now Violet seeks revenge on those who tore her family apart. Readers will be instantly transported back in time in this dark and gripping novel!  

It's been a year since the Salem Witch Trials ended, and while the townspeople try their best to act like nothing happened, thirteen-year-old Violet simply can't, as everything she held dear was ripped away from her. Her mother, Tituba, was accused of witchcraft by Betty and Abigail Parris, two girls Violet had grown up with and regarded as sisters. And instead of denying those allegations, Tituba had confessed to the crimes. But why? Her mother would never have done the wicked acts she was charged with. Would she?  

Once the remaining accused of witchcraft are pardoned, Violet inquires about her missing parents, only to learn that Reverend Parris has sold them to a man who took them north. Now filled with rage and wanting retribution, she comes across Tammy Younger and Elizabeth Prince, two girls who're also seeking vengeance amid all this turmoil. Together, the three form a coven, signing their names to the Devil's book, and they find solace in the newness and excitement of the magic they're practicing.  

But once the magic grows darker and forges a destructive path through their community, will Violet achieve the closure she longs for, or will the darkness consume them all?  

This historical, powerful story of family, revenge, and reconciling is a can't-miss novel from Amanda Marrone. 

Booklist: Just about everyone knows the story of the Salem Witch Trials. Marrone's fictional take shows what could have happened in the aftermath. . . . While the characters are real and the story fictional, Marrone has created an unusual twist on Salem's history with a powerful story of the importance of family and seeking justice.  

The Multiplying Menace



Magic Repair Shop Book

Simon and Schuster/Aladdin 8-12 years

Twelve-year-old Maggie Malloy can make wishes come true. But she’s learned that people like magic better in storybooks than in real life, and longs to find someone who understands her power. When she’s forced to spend a year with her grandmother, Maggie discovers an old magic repair shop—and the owner, Mr. McGuire, is a real magician, just like Maggie! She becomes Mr. Maguire’s apprentice and learns how to repair cauldrons, break disfiguring hexes, and mend magic hats that won’t stop duplicating rabbits. But Maggie is in more trouble than she bargained for when an evil magician, Milo the Magnificent, comes to town with his deadly magic act…. 

From School Library Journal

"Twelve-year-old Maggie is truly magical: the wishes she utters really do come true. Her magic isn't always perfect, though (she might get caterpillars when wishing for butterflies), and sometimes it gets a little out of control. This is the case when her wishes get her kicked out of school and on her way to Connecticut to spend a year with her grandmother while her parents are in South America. She thinks she's in for a terrible year, but Maggie discovers some surprising family history and gets a job in a magic repair shop fixing magic that has gone awry: dewarting frogs, grounding magicians' assistants who won't stop levitating, and taming decks of cards that bite their owners' fingers. Everything seems perfect until Milo the Magnificent arrives and starts creating all kinds of trouble. Maggie, with the help of her new friends (including a talking rabbit), stops him before he can create a real disaster. While the story gets a little complicated, the plucky characters and engaging plot will draw readers in and have them waving their wands in hopes of making the next book in the series appear."


The Shape Shifter's Curse



A Magic Repair Shop Book

Simon and Schuster/Aladdin

 8-12 years

Mr. McGuire takes Maggie, Raphael, Fiona, and Hasenpfeffer to Scotland to meet one of his oldest friends, Sir Roderick Lachlan, who will conduct Maggie’s World Federation of Magic testing. Also at the estate are smarmy young house guest—Munro Wallace Shaw, his mentor—Lord Gilroy Innis, Sir Lachlan’s wife, Lyra, a depressed selkie who endlessly searches the castle for her hidden seal skin so she can escape back to the sea, and their daughter Rhona—a troubled child at odds with her selkie heritage. When a panther attacks their host, Maggie and friends must figure out who conjured the creature up and why. Add a sneaky black cat, Maggie and Fiona’s troublesome attraction to Munro, and Raphael’s jealousy to the mix, and the next victim might very well be Maggie. 

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director, Illinois, USA  

"This is a worthy sequel to the first book in the series, continuing the fun, and moving Maggie quickly though a series of adventures that sweep the reader along. Maggie is spirited and likable, with good problem solving skills, and an upbeat attitude towards her unconventional life. The supporting cast of characters continue to appeal. The nervous and dithery rabbit Hasenpfeffer, the nonmagical but likeable Raphael, the eccentric students from Maggie’s class at school, and even the nasty Mrs. Davenport and her snobbish daughter Darcy are well presented and offer interesting vignettes that help fill out Maggie’s world. The books ends with many threads left to follow, and many hints dropped of revelations to come, leaving the readers looking forward to the next books in the series. Offer this to young readers who are developing an interest in fantasy, but are not yet ready for the more challenging offerings of Harry Potter or Fablehaven."

Master of Mirrors



A Magic Repair Shop Book

Simon and Schuster/Aladdin 

ages 8-12

Maggie has discovered a kobold—a creature similar to a house brownie but with an evil bent. Her grandfather trapped a particular kobold thirty years ago to keep it away from Maggie’s father, but the creature has escaped and is out to punish Maggie's family. Narrowly escaping the creature in her house, Maggie and Hasenpfeffer head to Mr. McGuire’s Magic Repair Shop to repair the spell and end up in a tricky spot thanks to Milo the Magnificent. Milo may still be trapped in the magice mirror, but he's trying to get out, and in the kobold he may have found someone to help him--even if that includes kidnapping Fiona and Mr. McGuire! Can Maggie foil Milo's plans, stop the kobold, rescue her friends, and escape the mirror maze? Or will she be stuck inside forever? 

Recommended by Linda Lucke, Learning Center Director, Illinois, USA

"This is a fun, engaging, and largely undemanding book that moves quickly through a series of adventures and sweeps the reader along. While some of the relationships and situations will be more understandable if the earlier books in the series have been read, the story is engaging enough on its own, and enough history is given in the book to keep readers going without having read the previous books. 

Maggie is spirited and likable, with good problem-solving skills, and an upbeat attitude toward her unconventional life. She is willing to put herself at risk for others, and faces the dangers of her magical work with courage and aplomb. The supporting cast of characters, the nervous and dithery rabbit Hasenpfeffer, the small peppery dragon Habanero, the officious kobold, and even the grandly evil Milo, are well presented and offer interesting vignettes that help fill out Maggie’s world. The reluctant friendship that forms between Maggie and Darcy is well handled, and the book comes together in a most satisfying package. 

Offer this to young readers who are developing an interest in fantasy, but are not yet ready for the more challenging offerings of Harry Potter or Fablehaven."